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Datameer Certification

Take your Big Data resume to the next level with a Datameer Certification. Datameer offers free Level l Certification training via a quarterly webinar series, or, you can take self-paced online courses on Datameer University.

Datameer Certified Analyst

Datameer Analyst Certification

Level l Analyst Certification training is designed to enable you as a Datameer analyst, with no prior experience required. During this four-week program, you will learn the entire Big Data lifecycle using Datameer including Integration, Analytics, and Visualization. A practical exam at the end of the course will certify you as a Level l Analyst. Our big data training courses are also available as self-paced modules at Datameer University.

Datameer Certified Admin

Datameer Administrator Certification

Level l Administrator Certification training enables our technical users to fully configure, deploy, and maintain Datameer in advanced Hadoop cluster configurations. During this four-week program, you will learn the installation, configuration, tuning, and disaster recovery planning process for Datameer-enabled environments. A practical lab throughout the course will certify you as a Level l Administrator. This course is also available as a self-paced module at Datameer University.

Datameer Advanced Certification

Advanced Certification - Coming Soon!

Advanced Certification Modules will be available on Datameer University this fall. Beta courses are currently available for free, and we are currently accepting course requests. Contact training@datameer.com to sign up.