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Download Trial FAQ

What is the Datameer Trial Edition?

The Datameer Trial Edition is a limited term, standalone, fully functional version of Datameer that enables users to see and use the full analytics functionality of Datameer running on a single node.

What functionality of Datameer is included in the Datameer Trial Edition?

All of the functionality for data integration, analytics and visualization of Datameer is included within the Datameer Trial Edition and is run on a local machine on a single node.

What versions of Hadoop are supported on the Datameer Trial Edition?

The Datameer Trial Edition runs on a single node on a local machine and includes Apache Hadoop. Datameer supports all of the popular Hadoop distributions including Apache, Cloudera, EMC Greenplum, IBM, MapR, Yahoo! and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. If users wish to use Datameer running on a Hadoop cluster using any of these distributions, please contact Datameer here.

What versions of the Datameer Trial Edition versions are supported?

The Datameer Trial Edition is available for Windows, Linux (Debian or Red Hat), VMWare and as a Zip, which can be installed by hand on any Linux distribution or Mac OS.

What are the system requirements for installing Datameer?

The Datameer Trial Edition has the following system requirements:
Oracle Java 1.7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Internet Explorer 7,8,9,10 and 11, Mozilla Firefox 10+ or Safari 6+ with Flash plug-in installed, Chrome 15+
200MB free HD for the program plus HD storage for data
1GB of RAM
Dual-core CPU

What are the credentials to login into the application?

Use user: admin and password: admin.

How long does the Datameer Trial version last?

The Datameer Trial Edition is active for 15 calendar days from the time that the trial license is activated. Once the 15 calendar days have run, the trial license key will expire and the software will no longer function.

Can I get an extension of the trial license past the 15 calendar days?

The Datameer Trial Edition is designed for users to quickly and easily see and understand the functionality of the Datameer Analytics Solution. For trial periods longer than 15 days, please contact Datameer here.

What support is available for the Datameer Trial Edition?

Datameer provides an extensive library of documentation including Setup Guide and User Guide, as well as a number of tutorial videos on the features and functionality of Datameer. The full Datameer documentation is available here. In addition, the Datameer Trial Edition is supported by the Datameer Professional Services organization that can answer questions via email on features and functionality.