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  • Unix-based operating system (see Supported Operating Systems for more information)
  • Oracle Java 1.8
    OpenJDK 8 (As of Datameer 7.2)


    Hadoop distribution IBM Bighinsights BigInsights recommends to run IBM JDK 1.8.

  • Installed software: SSH, VI, MySQL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7 (server and client executables must be available via shell search path)
    As of Datameer 7.4: MariaDB is supported as an alternative to MySQL.

    titleMySQL Database

    Datameer strongly recommends using MySQL databases instead of HSQL. Datameer service depends on the MySQL database, and it is used for constant writes for workbooks, permission changes, job execution, and scheduling, among other things. For proper function, a response time should be between ten and twenty milliseconds.

  • Optional: SMTP server (for email notification)