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Format / System

Importing and exporting

Product tested version

Datameer version availability

Amazon Redshift(tick)  (tick)  8.2, 8.4

Native Amazon Redshift JDBC 4.1 driver or a PostgreSQL jdbc driver can be used.
Apache Avro(tick)(tick)

Supports default compression types.
Apache Web Server Logs(tick)(error)

Azure Blob Storage(tick)(tick)

(For HDP2.0, 2.2 and CDH+4 users)

Contact Datameer services for info.


Public available plugin, see
Cobol Copybooks(tick)(error)

CSV/TSV, etc.(tick)(tick)

Supports default compression types.

8.1 (since 1.3.9), 9.7 Express-C

Excel Workbooks(tick)  (error)2007 and after

Fixed Width Text(tick)(error)

Google BigQuery(tick)


Google Spreadsheets(tick)


Greenplum(tick)(tick)  HD 1.1, HD 2.1,

HBase(tick)(error) 0.98.x, 0.96.x, 0.94.x, 0.92.x, 0.90.x

In order to satisfy the classloader requirements, hbase-protocol.jar must be included in Hadoop's classpath and the root Datameer classpath (/etc/custom-jars) for version 0.96.1 to 0.98.0

Hive JDBC(tick)  (error)

Hive Metastore(tick)  (tick)  0.13, 0.12, 0.11, 0.10, 0.9 , 0.8, 0.7

Export file format:
HiveServer2(tick)  (tick)  

0.13, 0.14, 1.1.0.x


HTML(tick)  (error)

JSON(tick)  (error)

Log4j Log File(tick)  (tick)  

MBOX (email archive files)(tick)(error)

MS IIS Web Server Logs(tick)(error)

MSSQL(tick)(tick)SQL Express 2005 and 2008

MySQL(tick)(tick)5.5, 5.6, 5.7

Netezza(tick)  (tick)  6.0.6

Oracle(tick)(tick)10g XE, 11g XE

OpenStack Swift(tick)(tick)

ORC (Optimized Row Columnar)(tick)(tick)

  • Only supported in conjunction with Hive.
  • Supports default compression types.
  • Export supported only for existing partitioned Hive tables.
Parquet(tick)  (tick)  Parquet 2.1

PostgreSQL(tick)  (tick)  9.0.x


RCFile (Record Columnar File)(tick)  (tick)


Export supported in conjunction with Hive only for existing partitioned Hive tables.

Sequence Files with Metadata(tick)(error)

Supports default compression types.
7.17.1All needed plug-ins come packaged with Datameer as of 7.1.6 and above. No additional database driver configuration is needed to connect to Snowflake.

Sybase IQ(tick)  (tick)  12.7

Tableau TDE(error)(tick)

Tableau TDSX(error)(tick)

Teradata(tick)  (tick)12 & 13

Teradata database needs to be configured to support the appropriate character set.
Teradata Aster(tick)(tick)5.0

Text Files(tick)(error)

Supports default compression types.




5, 6.0, 6.1




Supports default compression types.