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Learn about using the search feature in Datameer.

Enabling Datameer for Search

As an administrator:

  1. Open Datameer.
  2. Navigate to the Admin tab.
  3. Open the Search option from the menu on the left.
  4. Click the button Create Index or use the following REST call: 


    curl -u <username>:<password> 'http://<Datameer-serverIP>:<port-number>/api/filesystem/files/search/index'

The search feature is now enabled.

Search Index


Per default the search index is created under <datameerInstallFolder>/das-data/index. This location can be configured in the file.

Recreating the Search Index


Creating/Recreating the search index is necessary in the case that you upgraded from a Datameer version without the search feature to version with the search feature.

Recreating the index is also necessary in case the files in the Datameer database are changed by someone other than Datameer. (E.g., By queries from a database administrator.)

To create/ recreate the search index:

  1. Open the 'Admin' tab and select "Search". The 'Search' page opens.
  2. Click on "Create/Re-index Index". The index to enable file search within the 'File Browser' is re-/created. 

Search Statistics

As an administrator, view the search statistics by navigating to the Admin tab, opening Search from the menu on the right, and expanding the Search Statistics box.