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WEIBULLDIST( <number>;<number>;< number >;<boolean>)


Returns the weibull distribution for a certain value with given alpha and beta.


Returns the weibull density function or the cumulative distribution function for the weibull distribution. This function is frequently used used to measure the degree of diversity between two data sets.

The function arguments are:

  • x: The value for which the distribution should be computed (NUMERIC)
  • Alpha: The alpha parameter of the distribution (NUMERIC)
  • Beta: The beta parameter of the distribution (NUMERIC)
  • Cumulative: Constant indicating the form of the function. If "true" then the cumulative distribution function is used. If "false" then the probability mass function is used. (BOOLEAN)
Cumulative/BooleanLogical argument which defines the type of distribution to be calculated
TrueUses the cumulative distribution function
FalseUses the probability density function


WEIBULLDIST(#input!Value;#input!Alpha;#input!Beta;cumulative value)

BetaCumulative valueWEIBULLDIST returns

Common Errors


Occurs if either:

  • The x value is less than 0
  • The numerator or denominator is less than 1
#VALUE!-Occurs if the argument type isn't numeric
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