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TOKENIZELIST(<string>;<Separator string>;<number>)


Tokenizes text returning a list of values or a specified element as a stringA blank string returns a blank list item.


Column1Example TOKENIZELIST functionTOKENIZELIST returns
a b c d e fTOKENIZELIST(#RawData!Column1;" ")[a, b, c, d, e, f]
Datameer is great!TOKENIZELIST(#RawData!Column1;" ")[Datameer, is, great!]

[Datameer, is, great!]

a b c d e fTOKENIZELIST(#RawData!Column1;" ";3)d

If the separator value is followed by the same separator value, an empty value is returned in the list.

Column1Example TOKENIZELIST functionTOKENIZELIST returns
a-b-c-d-e- -fTOKENIZELIST(#RawData!Column1;"-")[a, b, c, d, e, , f]
aaaTOKENIZELIST(#RawData!Column1;"a")[, , ,]
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