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TDIST( <number>, <number>; <boolean>)


Returns student t-distribution at a given value x for a certain number of degrees of freedom.


Returns the student t density function or the cumulative distribution function for the t distribution. This function is frequently used used to measure the degree of diversity between two data sets. 

The function arguments are:

  • x: The value at which to evaluate the distribution (NUMERIC)
  • df: The number of degrees of freedom (NUMERIC)
  • Cumulative: Constant indicating the form of the function. If TRUE then the cumulative distribution function is used. If FALSE then the probability mass function is used. (BOOLEAN)
Cumulative/BooleanLogical argument which defines the type of distribution to be calculated
TrueUses the cumulative distribution function
FalseUses the probability density function


TDIST(#input!Value;#input!DF;cumulative value)

Cumulative valueTDIST returns

Common Errors


Occurs if either:

  • The x value is less than 0
  • The numerator or denominator is less than 1
#VALUE!-Occurs if the argument type isn't numeric
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