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Available as of Datameer 7.4

The Support Engineer Report plug-in standardizes the process of obtaining system information and logs for the Datameer customer services department. This plug-in is able to obtain all log files contained in <datameerInstallFolder>/logs as well as standardized general system information.

Generating a Support Engineer Report

  1. In Datameer, navigate to the ADMIN tab.
  2. Open Plug-ins from the menu on the left.
  3. Find Support Engineer Report Plug-In in the plug-ins section.
  4. Click the configure icon.
  5. View the list of log files that will be included in the Support Engineer Report. (Any edited changes made on this page are disregarded and aren't downloaded.)
  6. Click Download Report to download a copy to a file.
  7. Clicking Save or Cancel returns you to the plug-ins list.

Support Engineer Report Using the REST API 

Obtaining logging information from the Support Engineer Report plug-in is also available with the REST API.

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