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REGEXTRACT(<string to be examined>; <regular expression>)

The regular expression can't reference a workbook column.


Extracts tokens that match a regular expression. When using the REGEXTRACT function on a column from the same worksheet, the records from the source column are removed to match the function results.

There is a difference in expressions between the Formula Builder and the Formula Bar.

With the Formula Builder, if you are writing regular expressions, you can use normal syntax. A backslash (\) is used to separate each expression.

With the Formula Bar, if you are writing regular expressions you need to include an extra backslash (\) between each expression. This extra backslash between expressions is due to Datameer using the backslash as an escape character.


Column1Regular expressionREGEXTRACT returns
hello world is out
hello, world, out
hello world is out
hello, world

Twitter example: Extracting #hashtags and @mentions

Column1Regular expressionREGEXTRACT returns

Hey, @Datameer, I love how you are so #awesome



Hey, @Datameer, I love how you are so #awesome



This function differs from the TOKENIZE function which returns tokens by separators that match the regular expression.

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