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PROPERTY_VALUE_BY_TAG_NAME(<string [containing HTML elements]>;<tag name>;<property name>)


Returns the value of the specified tag name and property as a list.


Download the example file: HTML_File_Example.html

Given the following excerpt from the HTML file:

<h1>Affected People</h1>
<div id="div1">The cities in which we live</div>
<div id="div2">The food we eat for dinner</div>
<table border="1" rules="groups">
			<th>Association 1</th>
			<th>Association 2</th>
			<th>Association 3</th>
			<td><i>affected:<br>4 Million People</i></td>
			<td><i>affected:<br>2 Million People</i></td>
			<td><i>affected:<br>1 Million People</i></td>

This example returns the value assigned to a property of a tag. In this case, the div id values.

Select the column with your HTML data as the HTML argument, use div as the tag name argument, and use id as the property name in which to search for the value.

The result is all of the values from the id property in the div tag.

[div1, div2]
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