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In Datameer, you can track user clicks and store them in a log file. This feature is set as disabled in the default setting and can be manually enabled by an administrator.

Enabling Logging To Track User Clicks

  1. Open the file located in the Datameer /conf folder.
  2. Change the setting to

    #disable/enable audit ui logging
  3. Save the changes and start/restart Datameer.

Viewing Logged User Clicks

The user click data is stored in the Datameer logs folder with the file name audit.log.
The file contains the following information about each user click:

  • Timestamp
  • User
  • URL
  • Referrer_URL
  • Element_ID
  • Element_type
  • Element_xpath
  • Coordinate_x
  • Coordindate_y

Example of the user click data in the audit.log file:

2013-11-07 09:34:48;admin;"http://localhost:8080/admin/users/list";"http://localhost:8080/admin/system-overview";"";"A";"/html/body[@class='yui-skin-sam']/div[@id='page']/div[@id='contentWrapperAdmin']/div[@id='subNavi']/ul/li/a";44;187;
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