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Users have the ability to analyze issues or problems with Datameer's JDBC-based:

  • Connections
  • Import jobs
  • Export jobs

This can be accomplished by turning on debug logging for the artifacts.

Debug Logging for All JDBC Artifacts

  1. Add to the following lines to the file conf/

  2. Reboot the Datameer server.

Example log printout:

DEBUG [2016-12-14 20:18:26.656] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - Database : Netezza NPS Release [Build 35553]
INFO [2016-12-14 20:18:26.658] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - connected to 'jdbc:netezza://netezza.datameer.lan:5480/services' with schema set to 'null'
DEBUG [2016-12-14 20:18:26.658] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - Checking if table Table{_catalog=ALIFFI, _name=datameer_exp_tmp_4, _query=null, _condition=( 1 = 1 ), _fields=[], _splitSourceColumn=null} exists.
DEBUG [2016-12-14 20:18:37.622] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - Preparing batch with query: INSERT INTO "ALIFFI".datameer_exp_tmp_4 (dakfl,col1,col2,col3,col4,co5,co6,co7,ID) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,NEXT VALUE FOR "ALIFFI".datameer_exp_tmp_4_seq)
DEBUG [2016-12-14 20:18:37.714] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - Inserting batch of 5000 rows.
DEBUG [2016-12-14 20:18:39.443] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - Batch execution finished.
DEBUG [2016-12-14 20:18:39.443] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - Preparing batch with query: INSERT INTO "ALIFFI".datameer_exp_tmp_4 (dakfl,col1,col2,col3,col4,co5,co6,co7,ID) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,NEXT VALUE FOR "ALIFFI".datameer_exp_tmp_4_seq)
DEBUG [2016-12-14 20:18:39.559] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - Inserting batch of 5000 rows.
DEBUG [2016-12-14 20:18:40.582] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - Batch execution finished.
DEBUG [2016-12-14 20:18:40.583] [JobExecutionPlanRunner] ( - Preparing batch with query: INSERT INTO "ALIFFI".datameer_exp_tmp_4 (dakfl,col1,col2,col3,col4,co5,co6,co7,ID) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,NEXT VALUE FOR "ALIFFI".datameer_exp_tmp_4_seq)

These log entries can be found in the job.log of the job-trace-log when Datameer is configured in the local execution mode. They can be found in the YARN application logs when Datameer is configured to execute against Tez, Spark, or MapReduce.

Debug Logging for Specific Jobs

You can also configure debug logging on the job level to target specific artifacts. A reboot of Datameer isn't required.

  1. Create a new artifact or edit an existing artifact.
  2. On the Schedule page, expand the Advanced section.
  3. From the Default log severity menu, select Debug.
  4. In the Logging Customization field, enter the following properties:

  5. Save the artifact. 
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