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ELEMENTS_BY_TAG_NAME(<string [containing HTML elements]>;<tag name>)


Returns all elements with a specified tag name as a list.


Download the example file: HTML_File_Example.html

Given the following excerpt from the HTML file:

<h1>Affected People</h1>
	<table border="1" rules="groups">
				<th>Association 1</th>
				<th>Association 2</th>
				<th>Association 3</th>
				<td><i>affected:<br>4 Million People</i></td>
				<td><i>affected:<br>2 Million People</i></td>
				<td><i>affected:<br>1 Million People</i></td>
				<td>New York</td>
				<td>San Francisco</td>

Return all the HTML elements in italics.

Select the column with your HTML data as the HTML argument and use i as the tag name argument.

The result is all of the <i> elements displayed as a list.

[<i>affected:<br />4 Million People</i>, <i>affected:<br />2 Million People</i>, <i>affected:<br />1 Million People</i>]
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