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The Datameer App Market is the only marketplace in the world for sharing and exchanging data analytic applications. Anyone who wants to analyze or visualize data can browse and download an analytic application that fits their needs. Also anyone can create and distribute an application on the Datameer App Market.

An application can be just a data set or a collection of images, but is usually the entire analytics stack including references to datasets, analyses, and data visualizations. Applications on the App Market range from pre-built social media, sales, marketing, and IT analytics, to other custom analyses.


Installing an Application in Datameer

Available applications can be found under the App Market tab at the top of the screen. They are listed according to various criteria: featured applications, most popular, most recently uploaded, or the applications created by the current user. The same application can be installed multiple times on the same instance of Datameer.


To install an application, click Install and enter your My Datameer credentials if required. You might be asked for further configuration details, such as use name and password to establish a connection to your data.



The application is automatically installed in the Applications folder, found in the File Browser. Per default, any import jobs of file uploads are automatically queued and start to run.


Once installed, the contents of the application can be changed, moved, shared, and deleted, as with other folders or files. Along with the other folders and files, a file named <applicationName>.app can be found in the newly created folder. Double-click to reconfigure the application as per installation. If the application installed needs a schedule for the import job, the schedule needs to be created by the user.

Creating an Application with Datameer

The App Market in Datameer is constantly updated with new applications created by Datameer as well as users. Check out our page to learn about creating a Datameer app

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