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Where To Find Us

Interested in using Datameer? There are multiple ways to quickly get started using Datameer on your premises or in the cloud.

  • You can also follow us on Twitter @Datameer.

Help and Support

Find additional resources and support contact information on Datameer's Knowledge Base.

Community Forums

The Datameer Community is a great place to get support, make suggestions, and find answers to your questions.

Get Started Today!

There are multiple ways you can quickly get up and running with a Datameer evaluation, which require no existing infrastructure or Hadoop expertise. To start analyzing smaller volumes of data, you can run Datameer on a single machine, and seamlessly scale up as you add servers to your environment. To help you understand the capabilities of Datameer, we've provided pre-configured environments which require zero configuration.

Turnkey Datameer environments:

Related information

Contact us to learn which option that makes the most sense for your environment

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