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The following plug-ins are available as default plug-ins when you download Datameer. If you are missing a plug-in, contact the Datameer support team. Use this table to understand what each function available automatically in Datameer does and how to use it.

NameDescriptionAdditional documentation
Apache Log4j ParserAllows Datameer to import Log4j filesImporting Log4j Log Files 
Avro Plug-inAllows Datameer to import from and export to Avro
Cobol Copybook Plug-inAllows Datameer to import from COBOL copybook data
Data Mining Plug-inAllows Datameer to perform data mining for Smart AnalyticsSmart Analytics
Datameer HTML Input Type Plug-inAllows Datameer to import HTML filesImporting HTML Files
Demo Data InjectorAdds data to Datameer for workbook demos
Example InjectorAdds example data to Datameer
Functions Plug-inProvides functions for use in workbooksDatameer Functions
Git Versioning Plug-inTracks workbook events for you and allows you to roll back to previous versions of a workbookUsing the Git Versioning Plug-in
HBase 0.98.4 Plug-inAllows Datameer to import HBase filesHBase
Hive 0.14.0 Plug-inAllows Datameer to import from and export to HiveHive
Image library injectorAllows Datameer to ingest images for use in infographics
JSON Plug-inAllows Datameer to import JSON files
Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Plug-inEnables features for cryptography such as key-rotation
LDAP Plug-inAllows Datameer to be configured with secure LDAP for authentication

Configuring Secure LDAP (LDAPS)

Authentication via Active Directory and LDAP

Local Filesystem Connection InjectorGives Datameer access to the local Linux filesystem where the Datameer server is running, if Datameer is not connected to a Hadoop server
MBox Plug-inAllows Datameer to import MBox files
Mail Plug-inAllows Datameer to ingest data from mail servers
Netfilter Plug-inAllows Datameer to import Netfilter files
OpenStack Swift Plug-inAllows Datameer to import from and export to an OpenStack Swift server

OpenStack Swift

Exporting to an OpenStack Swift Server

Parquet Plug-inAllows Datameer to export to Parquet
SequenceFile v6 Plug-inAllows Datameer to import Sequence filesSequence Files with Metadata
Spark Thrift (Import/Export) Plug-inAllows Datameer to import from and export to a Spark Thrift server

Connector for Spark Thrift

Exporting to a Spark Server

Spreadsheet Plug-inAllows Datameer to connect to Google SheetsGoogle Spreadsheet
Support Engineer Report Plug-inAllows Datameer to download current system report and system log files for support casesSystem & Usage Report
Tableau Plug-inAllows Datameer to export to Tableau

Exporting to a Tableau Server

Text mining Plug-inProvides a set of workbook functions for typical text analysis tasks such as tokenization, named entity recognition (NER), part-of-speech (POS) tagging, and sentiment analysisText Mining Functions
Tez Execution Framework Plug-inAllows Datameer to use the Tez Execution FrameworkSmart Execution™ Activation and Setup for Tez
Webservice Plug-inAllows Datameer to connect to various webservices, such as TwitterConnectors for Web Services
XML Plug-inAllows Datameer to import XML filesImporting XML Files and Using XPath
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