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Datameer's Advanced Governance module is sold as a separate add-on and includes tools to help you manage your data, such as Kerberos secured impersonation and SAML SSO. To purchase the Advanced Governance module, talk to a Datameer sales or services representative. The following features are a part of Advanced Governance.

Git Plug-in

Datameer's git plug-in automatically commits workbook changes to a git repository using the Datameer Event Bus, providing easier access to prior states of a workbook. The following four new workbook REST APIs use the Git plug-in:

Kerberos Plug-in

Kerberos secured impersonation is available through a plug-in. 

Obfuscate Columns on Import or Upload

When uploading or importing data, analysts can indicate which columns to obfuscate by entering the column names in the Encryption section with a space between each column name.


The SAML SSO plug-in delivered with Datameer provides the basic infrastructure which allows Datameer to participate in a SAML SSO environment as a service provider. 

REST API Dependencies 

The following REST APIs for dependencies are included:

REST API for Migrating Folders

REST API for downloading and migrating folders between environments:

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