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Changes to etc/ take effect only after restarting the Datameer application.

Q. How Do I Customize the Folder for Temporary Data?

A. Define the temp folder where Java should write temp files in etc/

export TMP=/tmp

You can change location of the temporary directly from the or file using the following property. The updated property file takes effect when Datameer is restarted.

# All Datameer temporary files will be written under this directory

Q. How Do I Define the Datameer Application Port?

Define the port the web server starts in:

For Linux: $DAS_HOME/etc/

export DAS_PORT=8080

For Windows: $DAS_HOME\Datameer.vmoptions



Q. How Do I Reset the Datameer Admin Password?

A. If you need to reset credentials for the administration user, define the new password in etc/

export DAS_ADMIN_INITIAL_PASSWORD='<new-password>'

and restart the application with the --resetPassword flag:

bin/ restart --resetPassword

Q. What Is the Datameer User?

A. The user that the application should be started at. You should uncomment this line and set it to a specific user of your choice in etc/

export DAS_USER=datameer
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