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Datameer is a complete end-to-end solution for data analytics. Datameer is built on top of Hadoop, an open source technology that supports the storage and processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. Datameer tools simplify extraction, transformation, and loading and real-time data retrieval. For business users, Datameer offers a familiar spreadsheet interface and intuitive data visualization.

You need to know a Unix-based system, (such as Ubuntu Linux 9.10) and know details about accessing where your data is stored such as IP addresses, local host information, user names, and passwords.

See System Requirements for details on the hardware and software requirements and the required information to access your data using Hadoop.

This section is split into two parts describing how to set up and administrate Datameer:

Setup Guide

Administration Guide

To learn about how Datameer works, see the Concepts Guide.

To learn about extending Datameer functionality, see the Developer's Guide.

To learn more about Hadoop, see Hadoop and Datameer.

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