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Generating a Trial License in Datameer

To begin using Datameer you must install a trial license. To do this, do to and click Free Trial.

Choose Get Trial to start the process of generating your trial license. On the next screen, enter your email address. You receive an email with a link to the Datameer trial.

Enter more information to let Datameer know how we can best help you

Click the link in the generated email to start exploring Datameer!

Trial Account vs Full Version

The Datameer trial account and the Datameer full version are almost identical with a few features only appearing in the full version.

The trial version doesn't contain:

  • HBase plug-ins
  • Hive plug-ins
  • LDAP plug-ins
  • SDK

Contacting a Sales Representative

You can also contact a member of our sales team, who can generate a license for you.

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