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Say goodbye to complex modeling, rigid multi-dimensional schemas, and difficult tools. Datameer’s visual interface is simple to use, yet incredibly powerful. Empower everyone to discover insights. Drill down and up. Drill across and back. Change any metric. Switch to any attribute. Filter on any value. Look at massive amounts of data from every angle with just a few clicks.

Get answers from all your data instantly

No need for predefined indexes. No running jobs. Our schema-less architecture, dynamic indexing, and rapid micro-scans means data loads instantaneously. Analysts can slice data using any attribute and aggregate any value with immediate results.

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Get answers from any volume of data

Deep dataset? No problem. Our architecture keeps going where other SQL and OLAP engines give up. Get sub-second response times on millions or even billions of rows. No need for pre-compute and extra storage. Datameer scales efficiently to support a large volumes of users.

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“Our inability to see results while campaigns were running prevented us from making adjustments as needed. We needed a platform that would allow us to change the strategy while in the game, not after it is over.”


Attila Bayrak

Chief Analytics Officer, Akbank

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