Upgrade to Enterprise-grade Data Preparation and Exploration

Learn about Datameer’s limited time Alteryx migration and proof-of-value offer.

Data Movement

Eliminate costly data movement for more efficient execution.


Have manageable end-to-end security and governance.


Reliably meet data delivery SLAs to your analyst teams.

Analysts get the big data they need, with the speed, scale and governance IT requires.

Datameer delivers and enterprise-class data preparation platform both analysts AND IT love.

Data Lake

Works directly on your data lake – no data movement.

Robust Security

Robust security and governance to keep your data safe.


Scalable to work with datasets in the 100s of billions of records.

Curated Datasets

Create unlimited curated datasets for consumption.

Hybrid Architecture

Hybrid architecture than seamlessly spans cloud and on-premises.

Faster Data

Faster data preparation with spreadsheet and visual UIs.

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