Datameer Spotlight and Collibra

Datameer Spotlight and Collibra


Are you looking at Collibra or ways to get more ROI from your Collibra investment?  See how Spotlight combines cataloging and governance with a collaborative virtual data management platform for analytics.  Put data discovery, modeling, and consumption directly into your analytics workflow for faster, trusted analytics while creating enterprise visibility into data assets via integration with catalogs such as Collibra.

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What is Collibra?

Datameer Spotlight and Collibra - what is collibra

Collibra is a data catalog platform and tool that helps organizations better understand and manage their data assets.  Collibra helps create an inventory of data assets, capture information (metadata) about them, and govern these assets.  At its core, Collibra helps stakeholders understand what data assets exist, what they are made of, how they are being used, and if they are in regulatory compliance.

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How does Collibra work?

Datameer Spotlight and Collibra - how does collibra work

Collibra has four major functional areas:

  • Data catalog – This module provides an inventory of data assets and allows users to find and discover the right assets to use for different purposes.  Users can search across several different facets of the data assets.
  • Data governance – The governance capabilities help create a common understanding of and sharing information about data assets.  This includes both technical metadata and user-added information.
  • Data lineage – Allows users to see how data assets are created and molded as they move from system to system.  Lineage helps data owners track what makes up a data asset for compliance and users to see where an asset comes from and how it is shaped.
  • Data privacy – The privacy module allows privacy and security teams to create, manage and run policies to ensure data privacy and compliance.  Policy workflows can be initiated and compliance data and reports are captured.

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How is Collibra typically used?

Datameer Spotlight and Collibra - how is collibra typically used

Organizations typically use Collibra as a tool for IT, data owners, and officers in charge of data protection and compliance to inventory and track how data is used.  Their primary objectives are to protect data, ensure it is properly governed and used, and eliminate potential fines and risk from a lack of general regulatory compliance (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) and industry-specific ones (HIPAA, AML, etc.).

Although Collibra maintains an inventory of data assets, this inventory’s primary focus is to help these teams automate processes around this data to ensure it is protected and tracked for regulatory compliance.  The primary ROI customers get from Collibra is eliminating the cost of potential fines and ensuring data is protected.

Where Collibra is often NOT used is for analytics data management and analyst discovery.  This is because Collibra is not integrated into their analyst workflows and forces analysts to jump around between multiple tools and data platforms to work with data.

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What is Datameer Spotlight?

Datameer Spotlight and Collibra - what is spotlight

Datameer Spotlight is a combination of a virtual data management platform (with a distributed query optimizer), self-service tools, and a collaborative data catalog that gives analytics teams easy access to all enterprise data assets—regardless of type or location.  Spotlight flips the analytics data model on its head, eliminating the need for costly ETL and data replication for analytics and wasted time waiting for data.

Spotlight lets analysts quickly discover, create, share, and collaborate on data assets, building knowledge and trust along the way.  It provides a single place where analytics teams can quickly discover all these analytics assets and understand which best solve their problem to produce actionable results promptly. It provides an environment where teams can share and reuse assets, collaborate to form new assets, and increase knowledge using familiar social media-like features and AI-augmented information about asset utilization.

Under the covers, Spotlight provides a scalable, performant virtual data query and access environment that brings together all the data analysts need without the need to ETL or replicate data.  Spotlight is a SaaS managed service that does not require IT administration and uses patent-pending optimization techniques and an elastic compute architecture to maintain performance and scale.

Spotlight increases the ROI on your data, BI, and analytics investments.  It works with any data source you may have – databases, data warehouses, data lakes, files, and applications – and any BI, analytics, and data science tool used.  Best of all, the virtual query engine eliminates the need for ETL, allowing you to lower your data integration costs.

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Why Spotlight?

Datameer Spotlight and Collibra - why spotlight

Spotlight is a virtual data management for analytics platform that also makes it extremely easy for analysts to discover data assets, create new assets, collaborate, and analyze them all directly within their analyst workflow.  They don’t need to jump around between multiple tools to get their job done.

Cataloging and governance are just two of the capabilities that Spotlight offers.  Beyond those, Spotlight gives you:

  • Direct access to the data that analysts need in their favorite BI and data science tools with no ETL and while keeping the data secure and managed in the source,
  • Easy-to-use self-service data modeling tools to create new virtual data assets that can combine data from multiple sources to enrich your analytics further,
  • Collaborative workspaces that let members of your analytics and data science teams work together to create shared assets that enrich multiple forms of analytics,
  • The ability to work with many more data sources (over 200 and not just databases), including on-premises and SaaS applications, and many cloud services.

But the most important aspect is that analysts can do all this in ONE place.  They can stay within the friendly confines of their analytics environment for extremely agile, iterative analytics.

Spotlight eliminates the IT dependency of analytics teams to work with data, reduces analytics costs, and delivers rapid time to value.  Analytics teams gain truly self-service analytics.  But IT teams, data owners, and data protection teams can govern and monitor the use of data within Spotlight.

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Already have Collibra?

Datameer Spotlight and Collibra - already have collibra

If you have existing investments in catalog and governance tools such as Collibra, Spotlight can integrate with these to share information and workflows.  This helps you get even greater ROI from your Collibra investment, removes some of the burdens from IT teams, and facilitates greater, proper access to data by analysts.

Collibra would be the “inside out” tool where IT teams, data owners, and data protection personnel can gain visibility into all enterprise data assets to govern properly and ensure compliance.  Spotlight would be the “outside-in” analytics data management platform, allowing analytics teams greater visibility, access, and proper use of data assets from across the enterprise.

The two would meet in the middle, with Collibra feeding information about assets and applying policies into Spotlight.  Spotlight would feed information about assets and virtual assets into Collibra, as well as asset usage information.  Both teams can use best of breed tools for their jobs, making their work faster and easier, gaining greater ROI from both platforms.

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