Etstur Uses Big Data to Personalize the Customer Experience

Increased customer lifetime value.

Greater use of data to drive decisions.

Increased productivity and responsiveness to business teams.


Etstur is the largest travel agency and services operator in Turkey. The company produces the widest-ranging bookings and tour operations. Etstur provides multiple travel services including hotel reservations, tour organizations, car rentals, and also has a sister company running airplane operations at The company has an extensive multi-channel approach to the market, interacting with customers via call centers, kiosks, their website, a mobile application and agent offices.


Use case

Personalized Campaigns
Data Democratization
Rapid Time to Value

Business Challenges

• Gain a 360-degree view of the customer of the customer journey and experience across data from a large number customer interaction points.
• Create more granular insights on segmentation and behavior to drive actions at the personal level.
• Increase revenue and the lifetime value of customers through personalized offers that increase order sizes and purchase frequency.

Data Challenges

• Integrate and prepare complex data in multiple formats: structured, semi-structured and unstructured.
• Empower analysts, data scientists and business teams with data and tools for self-service analytics.
• Create a repository of analytic data and results to champion the use of data to drive customer and operational excellence.

The Datameer Solution

Complete integration of data assets – Etstur can now integrate structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into a single repository to provide a 360-degree view of their customers.
Agile approach to analytics – Through Datameer, Etstur performs agile data discovery on large volumes of data to answer key business questions faster and with deeper insight.
Self-service access to data – Datameer gave the Etstur analyst team a rich set of tools to speed analytic cycles and create greater insight into problems.
Advanced analytics and correlations – Datameer’s advanced analytics enables Etstur analysts to dig deep into their data and identify hidden patterns for customer experience and behavior.
Operationalizing the insights – The results from Datameer’s analytic pipelines feed the Etstur business teams to drive their personalized campaigns.
Leverage the power of Hadoop – Through Datameer’s native integration with Hadoop, Etstur can scale their analytics and data across the enterprise at a much lower cost structure.

Etstur’s Big Data Results

Deeper visibility into customer data – Datameer’s analytics increased the granularity of Etstur’s insights, giving them the ability to individualize their approach to customers.
Personalized campaigns – With greater insights into customer experience and
behavior, Etstur drives campaigns that effectively target customers with one-to-one marketing.
Rapid value delivery – Through their agile, comprehensive approach to big data analytics, the Etstur team delivers rapid results and value to their business teams.
Championing the use of data – The Etstur team has created a Center of Excellence (CoE) that is the “data champion” across the company, fostering a data-driven organization.

Datameer allows our non-technical end users to take advantage of our Hadoop cluster for their reporting and data analysis needs with no dependence on IT.

Mehmet Albas

Chief Product Officer