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Use Customer Behavior Analytics to Increase Engagement

Customer behavior analytics maximizes the value of customer relationships by identifying actionable insights that drive valuable outcomes. Whether to acquire new customers, better engage or retain existing ones, or increase loyalty, customer behavior analytics is the fundamental core to make those initiatives successful. With the explosion of data and electronic customer interactions in the digital age, big data analytics holds the key to defining and operationalizing effective customer behavior analytics.

Understand What Makes Your Customers Tick

Your desire is that customers have a long, faithful and profitable journey with your organization. Customer behavior analytics powered by big data help organizations optimize and personalize that customer journey. Detailed profile and behavior models shared between marketing, sales and customer service can make the journey sweeter from both sides.

Build Your Customer Analytics Business Case

Customer analytics behavior encompasses a number of disciplines, impacting many different parts of the organization. An essential part of a customer analytics project is ensuring the right questions are being asked, and that teams agree to the goals and outcomes. Learn how to align your customer-facing teams and create a business case that will motivate stakeholders to create deeper customer analytics based on big data.

Surfdome Uses Big Data to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Surfdome, a leading European specialty retailer, needed to fuel growth through targeted marketing, customer cross-selling and higher repeat purchases. The company used Datameer to integrate their data, and then analyze it to understand customer behavior and identify deeper customer segmentation to drive these initiatives. Surfdome boosted their customer acquisition rates, raised the average purchase size and increased the average customer lifetime value.

Protecting Customer Information & Data

As more information about customers is captured and stored, securing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) during the big data analytics process plays a critical role. Does your analytics platform support critical security, privacy and encryption features to keep customer PII locked-down?


Customer Behavior Analytics in the Digital Age
Wednesday, September 7th | 3 p.m. CEST & 11 a.m. PT

A 2016 Deloitte study found a 26 to 33 percent lift in conversion when shoppers used social media, showing a strong influence of digital interactions on purchase behavior. In the digital age, customer behavior analytics driven by modern BI are essential to building lasting customer relationships. Please join us and Deloitte on Wednesday, September 7 for a webinar detailing the growing role of customer behavior analytics and how modern BI can deliver the right answer.