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Real World Big Data Use Cases: Understanding Customer Interactions [INFOGRAPHIC]

By on February 20, 2015

Big data is the new Kale (at least, how Kale is now the hot new veggie on every menu of every hot new restaurant in San Francisco). There’s an awful lot of talk swirling around about how big data is impacting nearly everything – from reducing operational costs and spurring development of data-driven products and services to helping develop disease treatments and fighting crime.

Ok, so how does this help you? After working with over 200 customers, we thought it only fair that we share some examples of how real companies are using big data analytics to impact their business.

If you saw our infographic about the state of the industry around big data, then you may recall that the most prevalent use case by far was Customer Analytics, at a staggering 48 percent. It’s no surprise that knowing your customers’ behavior will help you better respond to their needs, hesitations and intentions.

Along those lines, check out our latest infographic below that shares how two of our customers are using customer analytics to reduce customer acquisition costs and drive product innovation and revenue.

Want to learn more about customer analytics? Download our free ebook, “Using Big Data Analytics to Understand Customer Journeys and Drive Revenue.”

Understand Customer Interactions Through Big Data


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