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Datameer Blog

Win $1000 in Datameer’s Analytic App Building Contest

By on November 30, 2012

Whether you’re a marketing guru, data scientist, or you just like data, you can use your expertise and creativity and enter to win $1000 to buy that Christmas present you thought your Aunt Carol was going to give you.

To get started, download the free trial of Datameer. What is an analytic app? Well you can view this short video or check out the App Market and see what others have built. Get building now and submit your app before the clock strikes midnight on Dec 31st. Good luck.

Contest Rules

1. Create an original, free, analytic app using Datameer and submit it to the Datameer Analytics App Market from 12/1/2012 to 12/31/2012.

2. An analytic app usually consists of three elements, data integration, analytics and data visualization. Some great examples can be seen at http://www.datameer.com/apps.

3. To create your app, download a free trial of Datameer at www.datameer.com/download.html, find some data to work with and start building.

Datameer representatives will chose the “best” analytic app and send the winner a check for $1000 USD.

Datameer will use the following criteria to judge the apps:

Creativity – Is the data used and presented in a unique and interesting way?
Instant Insights – Can users see immediate insights after installing the app?
Functionality – Does the app work in the way you feel it should?
Customization – Can users customize the app to gain other insights?
Ease of Use – Is the App easy to use for the intended audience?

Winner will be announced in January 2013.

Yes, participation is open to non-US residents.

Questions? Please email app-market@datameer.com

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