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Why I joined Datameer (it wasn’t the hype of Big Data, it is the vision)

By on March 7, 2012

For the past seven years, I have helped commercial open source companies generate demand for their commercial products and offerings. I have worked alongside and met some amazing technical and business leaders. In my experience, a critical factor to building a successful company is strong leaders with vision and empowering employees to execute on that vision. At MySQL, we executed on a vision that resulted in a $1 Billion acquisition. Although awesome, the acquisition wasn’t the excited part of working at MySQL. The excited part was every employee working together to help make our customers and community successful while growing the business.

Eights months ago I met Stefan Groschupf, co-founder and CEO of Datameer. We spoke for an hour about the vision of Datameer, the company and products, my background and what I do for a living. I was impressed with Stefan. Datameer is developing products and solutions to help solve a new generation of needs and business problems resulting from extremely large amounts of new and strange data (Big Data, unstructured, machine-generated). Datameer has attracted a leadership team that has a vision.

The vision is attractive. There is plenty of hype around Big Data. Like Boris Evelson said, #8, I think “Big Data will move out of silos and into enterprise IT”. I am skeptical, like Neil Raden of Doopmarts and that the “proliferation of Hadoop” could lead to “isolated models, definitions, datasets not understood or available to the enterprise”. One of Deloitte’s Tech Trends for 2012  is that “Data Goes to Work”. The hype around Big Data is just hype unless businesses are actively using the products to solve business problems. Companies are using Datameer in production to provide their IT and business users with incredible insights into their unstructured and structured data. If you have data and want to explore it, download the trial version and try Datameer with your data.

I joined Datameer because I believe in the vision to fundamentally change the Business Intelligence and Analytics market. I want to help data driven companies make intelligent decisions.

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Rich Taylor