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Datameer Blog

Reflecting on Big Data in 2012

By on December 18, 2012

Tomorrow, we’ll join the ranks of all the other prognosticators and give our prediction for 2013. But today, we reflect on 2012. We’re living in a different “Big Data” world than we were a year ago. Anecdotally speaking, the Hadoop bandwagon got more crowded than ever, with nearly every BI vendor on the market introducing a connector to Hadoop, recognizing the need to connect or get left behind.

The VC world couldn’t invest in Big Data tech fast enough. Jeff Kelly at Wikibon has a comprehensive list of all the funds that have poured into Big Data start-ups in the past year and beyond. We even saw our first Big Data IPO. Talk about successful.

Data Scientists also had their best year ever, with lots of talk about the ominous McKinsey report, warning of a massive shortage of data scientists in the coming years. While many worried about how Big Data could move forward without the talent to drive it, we dug in deeper, recognizing that its up to us vendors to innovate and make our technologies accessible so we don’t only have to rely on elusive (and expensive!) data scientists, to get value from the Big Data world.
And at Datameer, we too, had our best year ever. The timeline below hits the highlights, and the below video shares our favorite moments as a team. But as we reflect on 2012, here’s where we feel we made an impact on driving the industry forward:

In June, we launched Datameer 2.0, adding a personal and server edition to our previously enterprise-only product, empowering individuals and small businesses with the same tool so they too could get insights at their line of business instead of IT. We introduced our Business Infographic Designer, freeing reporting from the constraints of box-after-box style dashboards and introducing a blank canvas to drag and drop data, to design and annotate as needed.

Later that month, we announced Datameer is free to Academia. We believe that the answer to some of the world’s greatest problems lies in data, and that with the right tools, those answers can be found in our lifetime.

In October, we announced Datameer 2.1 and the Analytic App Market, the first true marketplace for buying and selling big data analytic apps. This is our answer to so-called data scientist shortage- a platform where they can package their expertise into an application that anyone can download with a single click to get the insights a Data Scientist or subject matter expert could provide, without actually having to do the work.

And in November, we feel we saw the first glimpse into the future of Hadoop and Big Data analytics – vertical implementation. Workday announced they were unleashing their own big data analytic application for human capital resource management – with Datameer under the hood. While BI and analytics have of course been built into enterprise applications in the past, Workday is the first vendor to decide the future lies in not just reporting, but analyzing greenfield opportunities.

With all of the forward momentum we experienced in 2012 both at Datameer and industry-wide, we still have a bubble to burst; a hype cycle to make it through; a chasm to cross. And we’re not going to rest until that happens and the industry-wide conversation finally makes that shift from technical talk and “how do we do that” to actual Big Data use cases and “look at what we’ve done”!

Here’s to an amazing 2013, everyone. Happy Holidays.

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Joe Nicholson