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Introducing Datameer Smart Execution: It’s Not Big Data, It’s Just Data

By on October 1, 2014

Big data seems to have reached the level of an exclusive club that everyone is trying to get in to but that only a select few of the aristocracy are welcome. It seems the more data you have, the more difficult it is to figure out what to do with it or how to extract meaningful insight and you need a lot of resources, hardware and data scientists to be admitted in with the cool crowd.

The latest discussion is around the size of your data. If it’s too small, then you can’t use MapReduce so turn around, you’re not getting into the club tonight. If you only have large data? Then you better make sure you’re not in line for the in-memory or single-node club.

In our four years in the industry, we have prided ourselves in staying true to our vision of simplifying big data so it’s easy and accessible for everyone. It’s a club that everyone is welcome to and everyone has a right to join. Our team has spent countless hours developing an application that can deal with complex and multi-source data so that users can get the access they need to make impactful business decisions.

I am extremely excited today to announce Datameer 5.0 with Smart ExecutionTM, a patent-pending technology that allows users to work with mixed data sizes. In short, it doesn’t matter if you’re working with small data, or big data, whether it needs to be analyzed in MapReduce, in a single Hadoop node, or in-memory. Smart Execution intelligently and dynamically selects the most optimized compute framework for each step of an analytics job. Now users don’t have to think about which the best technology is to analyze their data because it’s intelligently done for them, and they can instead spend their time focusing on discovering insights that matter.

We believe in making great technology accessible to everyone and with this release, we’re taking another problem off of the shoulders of users by intelligently selecting the best computation framework for them. Users should not have to deal with the underlying technology but instead focus their efforts on analyzing the data and discovering impactful insights.

We want everyone in this big data club. Power to the user!

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Stefan Groschupf

Stefan Groschupf

Stefan Groschupf is a big data veteran and serial entrepreneur with strong roots in the open source community. He was one of the very few early contributors to Nutch, the open source project that spun out Hadoop, which 10 years later, is considered a 20 billion dollar business. Open source technologies designed and coded by Stefan can be found running in all 20 of the Fortune 20 companies in the world, and innovative open source technologies like Kafka, Storm, Katta and Spark, all rely on technology Stefan designed more than a half decade ago. In 2003, Groschupf was named one of the most innovative Germans under 30 by Stern Magazine. In 2013, Fast Company named Datameer, one of the most innovative companies in the world. Stefan is currently CEO and Chairman of Datameer, the company he co-founded in 2009 after several years of architecting and implementing distributed big data analytic systems for companies like Apple, EMI Music, Hoffmann La Roche, AT&T, the European Union, and others. After two years in the market, Datameer was commercially deployed in more than 30 percent of the Fortune 20. Stefan is a frequent conference speaker, contributor to industry publications and books, holds patents and is advising a set of startups on product, scale and operations. If not working, Stefan is backpacking, sea kayaking, kite boarding or mountain biking. He lives in San Francisco, California.