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Datameer Blog

How-to: Analyze JSON Data in Datameer to Express Variable Structures

By on May 21, 2014

With so many unstructured, semi-structured and variably structured records, being able to analyze the JSON file format in Datameer is incredibly handy. Datameer has multiple functions that allows users to import JSON data and extract the original value. This is helpful for data coming from sensors or systems that change their types of data or what data is presented based on the context. For example, a gaming company that changes players’ choices depending on their level, selections, movements, etc.

As I acquire more information, I can analyze my data hour over hour to see how my data fluctuates. I love this feature because it really shows the power of Hadoop with semi-structured and weakly structured data.

Check out the below video to see a real-world example of how to analyze JSON Citi Bike data (an NYC bike sharing system) in Datameer.

To try this out on your own, along with many other Datameer features, you can upload your free Datameer trial here.

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Adam Gugliciello