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Datameer Blog

How-to: Add a Start Parameter to Schema Detection in Datameer

By on August 15, 2014

We are always aiming to improve Datameer and I get really excited for the new functionalities and features we implement in each new update. Today, I wanted to share with you a new feature available starting in Datameer 4.4.

When uploading file data, sometimes you know that you don’t want the first N lines since they are usually system specific and do not contain customer data.  You know what? That’s ok. It’s easy to implement a starting point in your schema detection with the “ignore first N lines” feature. This will allow you to “ignore” however many top lines in your file data that you want and essentially start your schema detection somewhere else in the data set.

We had this feature initially available only for Excel files but quickly realized it would be extremely helpful to expand beyond Excel. Today, the feature is available for IIS log files, Apache log files, CSV log files and Fixed Width files.

Tune into my short tutorial below to find out more and of course, download a free 14-day trial to try it out for yourself. Enjoy!

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Kai Freyer