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Security for Hadoop and big data analytics

By on March 21, 2012

As Hadoop analytics projects move to production environments, companies need appropriate user and data security across both Hadoop and user applications.  Jon “Natty” Natkins from Cloudera wrote a good article yesterday on Authorization and Authentication In Hadoop.

Yesterday, Datameer announced the release of Datameer 1.4.  One of the updates is tightening security on data layer and the user layer.  As Natty brought this up in his post, “one of the more confusing topics in Hadoop is how authorization and authentication work in the system”.  Datameer customers have the same concerns as they expand users from a handful of data analysts to hundreds of business analysts.

Datameer manages both Hadoop and end-user security and provides additional functionality for authentication and authorization.  Below is a quick overview of Datameer security features.  You can read the details of the content in the datasheet Datameer Security (PDF).

– Datameer provides LDAP / Active Directory (AD) authentication and integration
– Datameer supports connectivity to LDAPS (LDAP over SSL)
– Datameer supports operating in Hadoop environments secured by Kerberos

– Datameer provides role-based access with delegation

For more information, here are some additional resources.
– Datasheet: Datameer Security
– Datameer Documentation
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