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Favorite Feature: Data-Driven Scheduling

By on August 31, 2015

If you are working with data that updates periodically and don’t want the hassle of having to remember to run your workbook every time your datasource updates then you will appreciate this feature. Let’s face it, who really wants to add ‘run workbook’ to their to do list. Nobody got time for that! With data-driven scheduling you can trigger the workbook to run when a specified datasource has been updated. So you can set it and forget it. Awesome!

So how does this work? Check out the step by step instructions below or jump to the demo.

  1. Select the workbook and click on ‘Configure’
    Datameer Configure
  2. Select Data driven as the workbook trigger Datameer Data-Driven Trigger

  3. Select the data source(s)Select datameer data source

    In this example, Mock_Data1 has been selected. This workbook will run when Mock_Data1 is updated.

  4. Optionally, using formulas with fixed or relative timings you can create conditions about the age of the latest available data which must be met before the workbook will recalculate. Settings detail

    In this example, the workbook will recalculate when Mock_Data1 updates unless Mock_Data1 has updated less than 7 days from today. The workbook will not run if Mock_Data updates.

  5. Check the box to run the workbook directly after saving or updating the workbook configuration page.Save Settings

Rather see this as a video demo? We’ve got you covered:

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Andrew Brust

Andrew is Datameer's Sr. Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence. He covers big data and analytics for ZDNet, is conference co-chair for Visual Studio Live! and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.