How to Discover, Align and Implement Data Analytics Success


Those of us who have been in the industry for a few years (and yes, I’m showing my age here) remember the lessons learned from the early days of data warehousing. We recall the failed data warehouse projects in which companies spent millions of dollars and many man-years to build a data warehouse that was never adopted by the business.

Those who don’t learn from past mistakes are doomed to repeat their failures. To emphasize this point, Gartner projects that through 2017, 60% of all big data projects will fail for three primary reasons:

  • Lack of business value
  • Failure to put new insights to work
  • Inability to influence operational change

Making sure your big data project is primed to deliver real business value to the organization is critical to your success. There are three ways you can create the right process to ensure you’re on the right track:

1. Discover What’s Possible

Learn about the various places your organization can take advantage of big data in your business.

2. Align Your Stakeholders on Use Cases

Determine the critical use cases that will have a business impact for your specific organization, and align the various stakeholders – IT, analysts, business – on the underlying opportunities and challenges for each. This process will help you articulate the business value of your big data projects and gain complete buy-in to be successful.

3. Build Continual Success

Adopt a set of best practices that will drive you up the maturity curve, operationalize insights, accelerate adoption and get more of the organization to fish from your data lake.

Big data analytics isn’t a single project. It’s a journey that evolves over time and consists of many uses cases that will move the needle of your business. Discover what’s possible, map that to your business and then drive your big data initiative towards adoption across the organization.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can kick-start your journey and ensure ongoing success, check out our newly designed Use Case database that lets you explore hundreds of real-world use cases. Or, sign up for our hands-on, half-day Discovery Workshop where you can get near real-time discovery of new uses cases for your business in just a few


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