What are the Best Hidden Features in Datameer?

We asked some of our colleagues what THEIR favorite lesser-known features in Datameer are. Here’s what they came up with:

1. Creating Data Sources from Data Sources Using Results Partitioning 

Partitioning data is a common way to analyze large data sets, enabling you to focus on specific date ranges or periods of time. Results partitioning lets you apply that same time-bound focus on your analytics outputs. When your results are partitioned, you can more efficiently report, share, and further analyze your insights.

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2. Keep Working While Your Data is Processing

Running your workbook prompts the cluster to analyze your insights, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep working on your project. With Datameer’s Smart Sampling, your preview data is still available so you can keep working. When the job is done, your sample will refresh without consequence to your work.

Learn more about smart sampling:

3. Rename Wide Data Sets with Ease 

We know that a majority of your work is in the preparation and cleansing of data. Machines, departments, and old systems give columns names that can be confusing, hard to read, or misleading. Datameer allows you to rename columns without damaging the integrity of the data set and when you have to rename many of them, you can use the Tab key to move quickly through your dataset.

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4. Explore your Data with Direct Row Number Navigation

Whether your checking your sample, validating a source, or just exploring; Datameer’s ‘Go to Line’ makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. You can go directly to a record number in the Sample data, or the full results set.

Learn more about Direct Row Number Navigation.

5. Have your Cake AND/OR Eat it Too 

Simple filters allow you to easily apply filters with a single logic type (AND, or OR). For advanced users, you can apply AND logic as well as OR logic in the same expression using our advanced editor.

Learn more about advanced filtering.

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