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Datameer 2015 Year in Review – Interactive Timeline, Top 5 Videos, and More

by on Dec 31, 2015

Just tuning in now, or looking for a refresher of what Datameer was up to in 2015? Well search no further because between this interactive timeline and our various top 5 lists, we’ve got you covered.

Datameer Highlights from 2015:

Datameer 2015 Year in Review

The Top 5 _______’s from 2015:


5. How is the big data landscape evolving? Our CEO, Stefan Groschupf, sounds off in this Big Data & Brews Perspectives piece.

4. We weren’t surprised to find a highlights reel of some of our amazing customers like Sears, Vivint, and the U.S. Women’s Olympic Cycling team be a top-watched video in 2015.

3. This short episode of Big Data & Brews on How Spark Works clocked in as one of our most viewed videos of the series for 2015. Surprised?

2. Is deep learning going to replace machine learning? Stefan talks about the Acceleration of Innovation at Data Driven NYC, earlier this month.

1. Last, but not least, our #1 video of 2015 is none other than our #WeAreDatameer video. Go ahead and take a peek at the people who make it all possible, and then go ahead and pop over to our careers page to check out our Datameer job openings. Join our awesome team!


5. Time to Celebrate the Next Stage in our Journey.  Here, we shared our $40M funding round news, and how we plan to use the investment.

4. Real World Big Data Use Cases: Understanding Customer Interactions. Use case + an infographic? Piqued quite a bit of interest.

3. The Challenge to Choosing the Right Execution Engine. While it posted late 2014, the fact this was one of our most-read posts shows the struggle is real, still, in 2015.

2. Tableau Integration: 1-Click Magic. The details of our integration with Tableau.

1.  The number one spot goes to… The State of Big Data Adoption: a Glance at Top Industries Adopting Big Data Use Cases. Another late poster from 2014 sneaks in to the top-reads of 2015.

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