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Datameer Enterprise Platform

Datameer Enterprise Platform Available on AWS Marketplace

  • Press Release
  • March 19, 2019

Enterprises Can Easily Unlock Volumes Of Raw Data in Hours, Empowering Virtually Everyone To Discover Insights

Datameer Provides Additional Value for Data Scientists Using Amazon SageMaker, Simplifying the Building and Collaboration of Well-Defined Data Sets When Developing Machine Learning Models. This was originally published on PRNewswire

TODAY, SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN, March 20, 2019Datameer, a leader in agile analytics lifecycles, announced the Datameer Enterprise platform edition, which runs on Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) from Amazon Web Services (AWS), is now available on AWS Marketplace. AWS customers can now easily purchase and quickly deploy Datameer Enterprise right from AWS Marketplace. Datameer’s comprehensive platform was designed with the enterprise in mind, helping break down data silos and empowering all teams to discover new insights through a more agile analytics lifecycle. Without any coding, customers can run millions of jobs and thousands of unique workbooks on hundreds of terabytes of data. The platform helps teams transform data from various on-premises and cloud-based sources into analytics-ready datasets on AWS, delivering game-changing insights within hours instead of the typical timeframe of days or weeks.  

“Large enterprises typically have complex data sets and ever-evolving analytics requirements, which can result in lengthy implementation cycles,” said Marta Whiteaker, Head of AWS Marketplace, EMEA, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Having Datameer Enterprise on AWS Marketplace makes it easy for our customers to get started gaining insights from raw data quickly, and operationalize their transformed and integrated data sets with the agility and flexibility of other AWS services, such as Amazon SageMaker or Amazon RedShift.” 

National Instruments (NI), a provider of platform-based systems for engineers and scientists, is already seeing results using Datameer Enterprise on AWS.

 “Working with Datameer, we have been able to develop and quickly iterate a variety of insights solutions that have been instrumental in shaping and enabling our company strategy,” said Laxman Srigiri, Director, Business Insights and Analytics, National Instruments Corporation. “The platform’s self-service tools have increased productivity and helped us reduce our analytics cycles by as much as 20 percent.”

 The Datameer platform also complements workflows on Amazon SageMaker, AWS’s fully-managed Machine Learning (ML) service. Datameer makes it easy for data scientists to speed the cycle of finding the right data, modify the data, validate the datasets for testing, and improve that data in the ML model over time, no matter the scale or complexity of this data.  

“Companies are processing large amounts of data every day and need to quickly transform their raw data into insights that will give them a competitive edge in the market,” said Claudine Lagerholm, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Datameer. “Datameer Enterprise lets data scientists, business analysts, and data architects get access to, and quickly analyze, mountains of data from across the enterprise and find valuable answers to tough problems. We see more of our customers using Amazon SageMaker as they employ machine learning, and the Datameer platform complements those efforts to deliver better data in the machine learning models.”

Datameer Enterprise has also added Amazon Redshift and Hive to its list of over 70 built-in connectors. 

Datameer Enterprise on AWS

Datameer Enterprise on AWS is a singular platform for an agile analytics lifecycle that easily integrates into the existing data ecosystem for one unified view of a company’s data. Datameer Enterprise integrates large volumes of data using more than 70 connectors and on-premises data sources; transforms, blends, and enriches data with no code in a spreadsheet-like interface with over 270 pre-built data prep functions; analyzes raw data on-the-fly in a visual interface for easier discovery; and operationalizes the workflow and allows users to deploy data sets to data warehouses, BI tools, and data science tools. With Datameer Enterprise, companies can better manage data demands by unlocking all raw data, breaking down enterprise silos, and empowering all team members to discover new insights.

About Datameer

Datameer was designed to help integrate, explore, and deploy data for the most strategic analytics initiatives. Using a single platform, enterprise customers can break down data silos and empower everyone to discover insights. The company’s flagship product, Datameer Enterprise, makes it easy to transform raw data into secure datasets for further discovery or feed any analytics initiative – BI reporting, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence initiatives. Customers include leading global organizations such as Citibank, Royal Bank of Canada, Aetna, Optum, National Instruments, Vivint, and more. Datameer is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Berlin, Germany. Learn more at


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