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Five Ways Big Data Delivers Business Agility

In a recent Forrester Report, “How to Scale Business Intelligence with Hadoop-Based Platforms,” Boris Evelson, Vice President and Principal Analyst, described a concept called Systems of Insight, which combines the best of both worlds with agile BI and big data analytics.

What’s With Data Lakes? Five Questions, Answered

Big data can be an intimidating field. And with most industries, there’s some jargon. Today we’re going to dig into the definition of the term “data lake” – we’ll look at what it means both as a general industry term and how it’s used in everyday practice.

Are You Doing It Right? Five Questions for Your Big Data Journey

For those unfamiliar with big data technology, getting started can seem complex and intimidating. However, with recent technological advances, setting up a user-friendly big data platform can be relatively easy and straightforward. To maximize the results, you’ll need a good idea of what problems you want to solve – and what information you want to know.

New Data Uses, Cloud Investment and More With Scott Gnau of Hortonworks [Podcast]

Today we’re featuring Scott Gnau, Hortonworks’ Chief Technology Officer. He discusses new applications of big data, how we should preserve data, cloud investment and much more. Start listening to start learning, or read the transcript below.

The Big Data Perspective, With Jack Norris of MapR [Podcast]

Today we’re featuring Jack Norris, MapR‘s Senior Vice President of Data and Applications. He’ll provide us with his perspective on the big data and Hadoop world. This is part of our podcast series on big data thought leaders. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get updates as soon as they’re published!

What Does the Cloud Mean for Big Data Analytics?

Want to innovate faster with your big data? Then it’s time to think about the cloud. Cloud technology can create numerous benefits for any given company. Faster, cheaper, more flexible and easier to keep up to date, there are numerous business benefits. Most importantly, a well-thought out and well-implemented cloud environment can help companies drive innovation — especially since it makes big data analytics more impactful than ever.

Is Big Data Doomed?

Is Big Data Doomed?

by on Feb 26, 2018

Or, Are Technology Best Practices Timeless? A funny thing happened on the way to the mainstreaming of Big Data: it started to obey the laws of gravity.

The Connected Car, Big Data and the Automotive Industry’s Future

With the growing Internet of Things (IoT), the vast majority of our devices will be connected to the internet. When people think of IoT, watches, phones and other small devices often spring to mind. But increasingly, manufacturers are dreaming big. Large “gadgets” like our automobiles are getting synced into the web and updated with new technology.

What Does Collective Intelligence Have to Do With IoT?

The human brain is the result of millions of years of growth and evolution and, according to recent research, is comprised of approximately 86 billion neurons (though some estimates cite 100 billion). Each neuron may be connected to up to 10,000 other neurons, passing signals to each other via as many as 1,000 trillion synaptic connections . Does this remind you of anything?

Three Best Practices to Becoming IT Enabled With Modern BI

As a Gartner recent report states, IT organizations must “shift from a control strategy to an influence strategy regarding IT and all things technology”. Basically, it’s time to think about decentralized IT. For many IT teams within the BI world, this is a bit of a shocker.

How to Address IoT Security Issues

The growth of IoT is ushering in a new era of convenience. But as with any technological advance that’s reshaping our lives, there are new considerations to be addressed such as security threats.

Differences in Spark Implementations & Why They Matter

Spark has become one of the most widely supported big data technologies, with quite possibly the fastest-emerging ecosystem out there. In fact, according to KDNuggets, it is now the largest open source data processing project, with more than 750 contributors from over 200 organizations.