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Andrew Brust

Andrew Brust is CEO and founder of Blue Badge Insights, advising big data vendors and customers on strategy and implementation. He covers big data and analytics for ZDNet, is conference co-chair for Visual Studio Live! and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.


Last week we looked at industry trends that have contributed to the creation of market demand for public cloud solutions, what’s in the cloud analytics stack and Amazon integration pairs. If you missed it, check out part one first.


Today’s leading cloud platforms include numerous components for storing, processing and analyzing large volumes of data.  All the basics are there: storage, analysis and processing, streaming data processing, data pipelining, data warehousing, BI and even AI. But while it’s great to have all those raw components, how do you tie them together into a comprehensive architecture? While the parts are great, they still must be assembled into the whole.


What’s going on in the data world right now, and how will it impact the market in 2018? There are the obvious, banner headlines, of course: AI is everywhere and will change everything; Enterprises continue to move their infrastructure – and data – to the cloud; GDPR will make data protection every company’s priority. But you knew all that. And maybe you were a bit skeptical of the grandiose claims anyway.


The cloud computing revolution has changed technology, and how businesses use it. It’s made for unprecedented levels of agility and flexibility in the use of, and budgeting for, technology. It’s lowered barriers to entry, it’s leveled the proverbial playing field and it’s also pressured organizations to accelerate their adoption of technology in order to stay competitive. But you knew all that.

Datameer Visual Explorer: This Changes Everything

Datameer has introduced its new Visual Explorer component, and in my opinion, big data analysis has undergone a sea change because of it. I know that sounds hyperbolic, especially since I am not a disinterested party – but I am in earnest. Visual Explorer is a combination of technological breakthrough and a unique user experience that changes the landscape for doing exploration work with raw data at high-volume. In this post, I’d like to expound on why it’s so fundamentally transformational.

Hate Hadoop? Then You’re Doing It Wrong

A lot has been written about Hadoop’s alleged demise, about its fall from grace. And there’s been a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking saying Hadoop never made sense in the first place. “Hadoop is slow for small, ad hoc jobs.” “Hadoop is hard.” “Hadoop is dead and Spark is the victor.” And on and on and on.

New Data Uses, Cloud Investment and More With Scott Gnau of Hortonworks [Podcast]

Today we’re featuring Scott Gnau, Hortonworks’ Chief Technology Officer. He discusses new applications of big data, how we should preserve data, cloud investment and much more. Start listening to start learning, or read the transcript below.

Howard Dresner and the Future for BI and Big Data [Podcast]

Today we’re featuring Howard Dresner, Dresner Advisory Services’ Chief Research Officer. He’ll provide us with his perspective on business intelligence, big data analytics and the future of both.

The Future of Healthcare Data, With Dr. Charlotte Hovet of NTT Data [Podcast]

We welcomed Dr. Charlotte Hovet, NTT Data’s Medical Director of Global Healthcare Solutions to discuss big data in the medical world. She explores how it’s currently being used and the possibilities that lie just over the horizon.

The Big Data Perspective, With Jack Norris of MapR [Podcast]

Today we’re featuring Jack Norris, MapR‘s Senior Vice President of Data and Applications. He’ll provide us with his perspective on the big data and Hadoop world. This is part of our podcast series on big data thought leaders. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get updates as soon as they’re published!

The Big Data Perspective, With Mico Yuk of BI Brainz [Podcast]

Throughout January, we’re bringing you thought leaders of all types in our brand-new podcast, The Big Data Perspective. After all, 2017 is your year to become an expert on the big data world! Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get updates as soon as they’re published.

The Big Data Perspective, With Tony Baer [Podcast]

2017 is here, and it’s your year to become an expert on the big data world. Throughout January, we’re bringing you thought leaders of all types in our brand-new podcast, The Big Data Perspective. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get updates as soon as they’re published!