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Risk Reduction and Regulatory Compliance

In today’s financial services industry, the pendulum continues to swing further in the direction of lower risk and higher regulation. Modern BI and big data analytics platforms offer institutions a clear path to fast, effective, and cost-efficient risk management and compliance now and, offers the flexibility needed to adapt to ever-changing requirements.

Keep Up with Evolving Regulatory Requirements

Ever expanding and shifting regulations – including Dodd-Frank, BCBS 239 and CCAR – are constantly increasing the time and cost of regulatory compliance and reporting. Given the new requirements, tight deadlines and massive volume of data to be analyzed, leading banks are abandoning their minimally viable compliance approaches and leveraging modern BI platforms to enhance their risk and regulatory compliance programs.

Self-Service Reduces Time and Cost of Compliance

Whether you’re focused on CCAR stress test scenarios or trader surveillance, less time spent on the analysis of all your data means reduced cost, lower risk and higher value. Datameer’s agile analytics platform provides a familiar Excel-like self-service interface to quickly integrate, prepare, analyze, and visualize your data.

Understand and Act on Operational Risks

Operating in today’s financial services requires a granular, diagnostic level of risk analysis across all areas, including credit, market, liquidity, and operational risk. Delivering this analysis requires a modern BI platform that can both handle and help you visually navigate large volumes of data to uncover the deep details beneath the risk calculations so you can quickly and easily act on your findings.

The Governance and Security You Need

Datameer has full governance capabilities to help you generate complete, accurate, audit-ready data aggregation and reporting – across lines of business, legal entities, product lines or any hierarchical subset of data. As a result, you can report risk and regulatory compliance data and show clear, accurate data lineage for all of the data and calculations used in your reports. You don’t have to choose between self-service big data analytics and a robust, governable data architecture.


Creating Competitive Advantage with Risk & Compliance
Thursday, August 4th | 3 p.m. CEST & 11 a.m. PT

Risk reduction and regulatory compliance is a top priority for all major financial services and insurance institutions today. Given the ever-growing scope of regulatory compliance and the massive volumes of data that must be analyzed, solutions powered by modern BI platforms and big data are essential. Join us and Deloitte on August 4th for a webinar detailing how modern BI addresses both the growing scope of the risk reduction and regulatory compliance agenda and the challenges to cost-effective reporting and compliance.

Solution Brief: Using Big Data Analytics for Financial Services Regulatory Compliance

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Webinar: Creating Competitive Advantage with Risk & Compliance

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