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Unlock all your raw data

One enterprise platform built for an agile analytics lifecycle.

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Break down enterprise data silos

Easily integrate huge volumes of raw data using more than 70 connectors.

Our cloud-native platform was built for the complexity of large enterprises—yet it’s so easy to use that everyone from IT to data engineering to data scientists to business analysts can collaborate on a centralized view of all your data.

Get ahead of all your data demands

Transform raw data into analytics-ready datasets in minutes—no more wasted hours of engineering time.

Our code-free platform gives you the access and the tools to rapidly blend and curate data. Operationalize the workflow and deploy trusted data to hundreds of analytics projects across your enterprise.

Empower everyone to discover insights

Access and get answers to your questions in seconds, not days.

Analyze raw data on-the-fly with an intuitive interface that looks and works like a spreadsheet. Simply load data as-is, apply any lens to it, and start discovering business-changing insights.

Datameer turns data into answers

“Datameer empowers any of our researchers globally to mine the data without having to learn how to code, build special UIs, or embark on a steep learning curve.”

Dmitry Samosseiko
Director of Global Threat Research, Sophos

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