• Datameer Workgroup Edition
  • Datameer for your team.

    Leverage the brainpower of the many and collaborate. Work together or individually analyze and share across your workgroup, department or team with a single application that combines the simplicity of spreadsheet analytics with the storage and computing power of Hadoop.

  • Streamline Marketing

    Regardless of whether you’re trying to lower churn, convert more viewers to purchasers, or determine the most effective social media campaigns, sophisticated analytics are critical to effective marketing.

  • Improve Operations

    Understanding bottlenecks in company processes is key to improving customer service. Whether you’re provisioning new subscribers, evaluating product conversion rates, or analyzing logs to determine SLAs, analysis of all data sources is key to operational efficiency.

  • Comply with Regulations

    Regulatory compliance protects shareholder value and lets you focus on the company’s business operations. Whether it’s complying with Dodd-Frank or identifying rogue traders, analytics span everything from assessing portfolio risk to determining data accuracy.

  • You + Datameer = Insights

  • Business Analytics Aren’t Automatic

    They are the intersection of smart minds and enabling analytic tools. Datameer lets your group analyze across different data sets with 200+ point and click analytic functions and an intuitive spreadsheet interface. The end results can be dramatic, increasing revenue, decreasing churn, lowering operating expenses and driving more effective marketing.

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  • No ETL — goodbye pre-built data schemas

  • Rapid Data Integration

    Liberate your data from static schemas. Free up your IT resources from data plumbing. Empower your workgroup to integrate data whenever they need it, from any source.

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  • Structured

    • Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL, etc
    • Teradata, Greenplum, etc
    • XML, JSON, CSV, etc
    • HBase, Casandra
  • Unstructured

    • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Jive, etc
    • Email
    • LogFiles
    • SaaS - CRM, GitHub, Jira, Zendesk, etc
  • A window to your insights

    Analyze, Visualize, Act

    Act on your insights faster because your visualizations let you effectively communicate business opportunities, competitive threats, portfolio risks, or holes in your marketing strategy. Build Business Infographics™ that give your group the ammunition it needs to drive business change.

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