Thanks for trying Datameer

Datameer is downloading. If your download has not begun, click here.
Once Datameer has finished downloading, please follow these three simple steps to start using Datameer.

  • Datameer can also be installed manually via a ZIP file on Mac OS, Solaris, and most Linux distributions, as detailed here. If you prefer an automated installation, click on one of the other tabs. To manually install Datameer, follow the instructions below.

  • Download

    After downloading, unzip

  • Install

    To start-up Datameer, type the following commands into a shell:
    cd <DAS_INSTALLATION_ROOT_DIR> bin/ start

    Wait a few minutes until Datameer has started and point the browser to:

  • Activate

    Click the "Get Trial" button and follow the instructions on-screen to activate your trial.

    Login with:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin

  • Have questions? You can find more information in Help Center.

  • +1.800.874.0569