Certified Datameer Analyst Program

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    The Datameer Certified Analyst Program is designed to make you fully functional across the Datameer solution. During this 4-week program, you’ll learn the entire Datameer workflow from data import and integration, to analysis and visualization.

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  • Curriculum

    Day 1 - Data Integration with Datameer

    Learn how to integrate data. Here we will cover how to create connections to your data, use file uploads, imports, and data links. We will also cover certification requirements.

    Day 2 - Building Your Datameer Analysis

    In this section, we will cover workbook basics. Using the data brought in during Day 1, you will learn how to use basic workbook tools such as filtering, sorting, and joins. You will also learn the basics for building an analysis with functions. This module will include best practices when considering your data pipeline and workbook processing.

    Day 3 - Datameer Infographics and Reporting

    During Day 3, you will learn how to build infographics using the data analysis created in Day 2. We will cover how to choose a widget based on your analysis, and also discuss customization. This module includes how to add visuals to your infographics to best represent your analysis. There will also be a review of certification requirements.

  • Prerequisites

    Prior to signing up for the class, we recommend the following:

    • Students should be familiar with business intelligence and working with data.
    • Students should have worked with database-driven data in the past.
    • Downloaded and installed the free trial of Datameer - Download the Trial.
  • The purpose of the Analyst exam is to show your proficiency in data ingestion, analytics and visualization. The exam is a one-on-one live session with an instructor. During the test you will be asked to ingest, analyze and visualize a data set.

    This is your chance to get creative and select a data-set to showcase your skills. There are many public data-sets out there for you to choose from, as seen here

    • Create import job and upload some data. The data sources should be structured and semi-structured/unstructured.
    • Create a workbook that joins the two data sources.
    • The workbook should use at least one filter.
    • The workbook should use grouping functions, string functions and at least one total.
    • Save and run the workbook.
    • Create an infographic with at least three graphs tied to the data.
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