Certified Datameer Admin Program

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    The Admin Certification Program creates best-of-breed Datameer administrators who can fully configure, deploy and maintain Datameer in advanced Hadoop cluster configurations. This program is all about how to properly configure clusters, enterprise integration, security, and advanced tuning.

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  • Curriculum

    Video 1 - Installing Datameer in an Enterprise environment

    The first module of the Admin program focuses on installing Datameer and connecting to an Enterprise Hadoop cluster.

    • Architectural overview and layout
    • Installing drivers for data stores and databases
    • Configuring Hadoop for Datameer
    • Setting the logging level
    • Going through a database name change
    • Configuring MySQL
    • Configuring HTTPS

    Take home exercise: TBD

    Video 2 - Security and Tuning

    • Optimization of Hadoop jobs
    • Setting up scheduler with Datameer
    • Job tracing, firewall issues
    • REST Interface techniques: code promotion between clusters
    • Installing and configuring plugins
    • Migrating from one cluster to another
    • Troubleshooting

    Take home exercise: TBD

    Video 3 - Enterprise Integration

    • LDAP and Active Directory
    • Kerberos set up with Datameer - Secure impersonation
    • Nagios and Ganglia
    • Diagnostic procedures
    • Errors escalation process: contracting support and opening tickets

    Take home exercise: TBD

  • Prerequisites

    Prior to signing up for the class, students should meet the following criteria:

    • Be proficient in Linux.
    • Be familiar with Hadoop administration.
    • Downloaded and installed the free trial of Datameer - Download the Trial.
    • Recommend watching the data integration videos.
  • Exam Details

    • All sessions are live over Web-Ex online, requiring a Web-Ex compatible computer
    • Certification requires agreement with the Datameer policy after the exam is passed
    • The final exam will be a live webex meeting with Datameer staff
    • You MUST schedule your exam for following week after the 3rd class.
    • Give yourself time to study
    • The exam will be a mixture of questions and demonstrations of your proficiency to the staff.
    • The exam will cover data ingestion, analytics, and infographics
    • The exam will be 30 minutes long.
    • You will be notified some time after the test whether or not you have passed or failed
    • If you fail, you can re-schedule the exam after a 3 month wait period
    • Prior to the exam, you must have worked with Datameer doing the labs and to make sure that the software is installed on your machine locally

    Certification Terms and Conditions (PDF)

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