Predict Security Threats

Identify where security threats may occur

  • The security landscape is always changing. So changes in behavior can indicate where the next attack may occur. For example, this company used Datameer to follow a virus that started in Russia, moved across Asia, to the US, and forcing Windows upgrades in its path. By seeing where the traffic was generated in particular geographic areas, they could predict where the next security threats would be. This enabled them to proactively go after the security threats and reduce the risk of a data breach, which on average costs organizations $5.5M.

    Predict Security Threat

    Variety 50+ different feeds, MySQL and JSON data from message queues and flat files, and log files
    Volume As their customer base grew, data volumes outstripped the capacity of their existing RDMBS-based system.
    Velocity To maintain SLA’s within hours, the company had to rapidly analyze data across growing volumes of customer data.

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