Web Analytics

Understanding website visitor behavior requires a broad set of data
and analytics.

  • Driven by the need to paint a more complete picture of visitor interaction, increase conversion rates, and deliver a more personalized and relevant user experience, eCommerce teams require fine-grained clickstream analysis.

    Better analysis allows companies to drive personalized content delivery and determine the best performing and stickiest web pages on their sites and across multiple sites for more effective target marketing and optimized ad campaigns. Currently, these teams rely on IT to deliver the necessary infrastructure, provide access to relevant data, and ensure site performance which slows business overall.

    While traditional business intelligence solutions and packaged web analytics software such as Omniture provide canned reports and some data exploration capabilities, they operate as data silos. These systems have difficulty correlating clickstream data with transaction system records that hold customer’s interaction information such as purchases, account balance history, etc. It is also difficult to correlate profile or demographic information from social media or any third-party data when delivering reports or calculating KPIs (key performance indicators). These systems make standard, cookie-cutter assumptions on key aspects such as session timeouts and use cookies that introduce uncertainty into the numbers provided.

    As users become more sophisticated and generate more data, understanding the complete picture of their behavior requires data and analytics that go beyond simple clickstream analytics or packaged applications.
    To go further, web analytics should reach upstream into social media activity and referring sites that drive user traffic and also reach downstream into systems of record that measure the true business impact of website visits.

    Web Analytics

    Ecommerce teams within retail, financial services, cable and other industries are using Datameer today for website behavior analytics that go beyond packaged applications. Datameer integrates all their transaction and interaction data (multiple RDBMSs, web and mobile application logs, emails, tweets and even public data from data marketplaces) to provide self-service, schema-less data exploration. The cost-effectiveness and flexibility of Datameer and Hadoop allows customers to store and analyze every click and increase data retention windows to enable click path analysis, year-over-year comparisons, and back-testing of predictive models. Datameer’s powerfully simple spreadsheet user interface allows users to look for nuggets of insight across all data, regardless whether it lives in data center, in the cloud or on a desktop machine.

    Datameer effortlessly combines and correlates data sets to gain deeper insight into visitor engagement, customer sentiment, and mindshare/influence in the social media conversation. Simply put, Datameer removes the technical limitations that cause traditional BI and packaged web analytics to fall short and/or limit access to only highly-trained specialists. Now, eCommerce managers, marketing analysts, IT managers or anyone who needs insights can perform personalized content delivery, better target advertising spend and optimize website performance.

    Web Analytics
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