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Big Data Use Cases: High Tech

With new data sources from hardware, software and applications cropping up each day, there are countless practical applications of big data analytics to increase revenue or decrease costs in the high-tech sector.

  • Optimize Funnel Conversion

    Tracking a lead all the way from AdWord click through to transaction requires that several database silos be broken down, and disparate datasets be joined. Learn how Datameer helped one company earn $20M in additional revenue by optimizing funnel conversion.
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    Predictive Support

    Machine-generated data holds a lot of valuable information when it comes to tracking system health, which, if aggregated and analyzed, can mean millions in savings. Learn how this company used predictive support to reduce their number of network failures by 30%.
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    Predict Security Threats

    The average cost of a data breach is $5.5M. See how this company used Datameer to track a virus across geographies and ultimately predict where the next threat would occur, reducing the risk for a potential data breach.
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    Device Analytics

    At enterprise hardware companies, allowing business users to aggregate and analyze structured and unstructured data generated from various devices means multiple departments from support, to marketing, sales and development can all benefit from valuable insights.
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  • Customer Story

    TasteMakerX is using Datameer's big data analytics to change how people discover music-- and delight them in the process. Watch the video ยป

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